JellyFish2. Again, feel free to associate this image & message to the inept handling of the CV-19 predicament by our dear leaders; or to the puke-inducing servile party line taken by the Daily Mail re. King Clown’s latest “cute. proclamations. Personally I dedicate it to one of my favourite objects of my contempt: the creators, promoters, instigators and fuel-feeders of that most disgraceful of capers of the past couple of years, the (Silly) Catalan Question. Far too long since I picked on them. May they all rot in some tailor-made Hell.
And here’s why:
This article is a poor rehash of a couple of articles I found in El Paí­s and Público a few days ago. The ones in the Spanish papers were better and juicier (and more detailed on the Cervantes/Shakespeare connection), but this one will do. See, even the Guardian has its uses, sometimes.
And here’s one to that most surreal -and still inexplicable- of sagas, the run on toilet paper (in Spanish):
And one to a simply marvellous bit of relatively unrelated but utterly divine surrealism:
Have a spiffing, panic-free week. And un po’ di mu’, of course.