Farfallin. EU elections: The Results.
No so much no ‘comment needed’ as ‘don’t waste your breath’. Besides Kenneth Williams, the need to quote Ecclesiastes is greater than ever. Once more, the turkeys have voted for Christmas
For the benefit of those who don’t speak Catalan, here’s a translation of the caption:
With every wash a sheet is lost.
For the benefit of those who do, here’s the quotation in full:
D’altra banda, si matem el rei, n’entronitzaran de seguida un de pitjor. “A cada bugada es perd un llençol., solia dir la mare, que al cel sia.
Salvador Espriu. Primera historia d’ Esther
And here be a detailed who-is-who list of the people that did so well in these end-days elections.
We’ll end up missing the Mayhem Queen, we will. Oh, I’ve got a touch of The Dooms the size of a Brexit double-decker! 🙂