NowVoyager.S‘ere, ‘ave a panoramic. I’ve been wanting to do one for yonks. Next: a tryptic? There’s no end to my ambition, obviously. Warning: There might be more of this sort of nonsense soon, I suspect.

TextPleaseUpdate 18/07/16 Not quite the tryptic I was hoping for and pretty frivolous to boot, but I’ve just “discovered. a new font/text app and I could never resist doing something with text just for the sake of it. On the right corner we have the ineffable Black Goat of the Woods with Far Too Many Young doing a Robert de Niro, an attitude that suits Milady to a T. On the left, a public notice on behalf of young Erwin Oriol and the Library of Upper Leng. He’s lost his book .“or maybe it has been nicked by the Forces of Reaction, who disapprove of educating children .“or anyone else for that matter. The poor child is distraught and the little worm Chief Librarian thoroughly pissed off. The book is a cheap quarto paperback edition of Thomas Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. New Atlantis University Press. 2001. Any intelligence, information, rumour, gossip, or even third hand hearsay as to the whereabouts of the damned thing most welcome. On the customary postcard, please.