Serpentines4CarloA wee bit of what you like is good for the soul. Having discovered that the MyPaints app on the tablet has interesting possibilities in the geometrical stuff department (see the Hounds of Tindalos on last post), and having drifted again to that old favourite gamut of blues and greys, here’s another couple of variations on the themes.

Serpentines.SThe B&W one was made for darling Carlin, who is having a rough patch (again, poor mite); the second is for me, for the sheer delightful hell of it, porque si y por la cara. The campaign posters are momentarily in suspended animation. They’ll be back. 

TilesPanel.SUpdate 27/03/15 Recently there’s been more ding-donging on Ipernity on the vexed question of “To Politik or Not to Politik”. Some people have been suspended, some for the third time. All fairly tedious. So, as a public service, to promote love, peace, siblinghood and semi-Zen calm, here’s some soul-candy. Meditate on the tiles. Muse on their rotund shapes or their jagged edges. Sing them a song, even if you’re tone-deaf or out of tune. They’d like that and they will repay you with much serenity and groovy insights. Soko ni!.

FrozenFish.SThe deeply shocked fishis are a terse quasi-cautionary tale on the damned arrogance of the “Artist”. Ah, if our creatures could speak their minds… 

Sisterhood.SUpdate 01/04/15 NB. This is NOT a Poisson d’Avril. This is the last of the election posters. Honest. Introducing The Rosie & Zippy Mellow Metal Combo. Rosie, faux-young Shoggoth and Zippy Stardust, MiGo elder. Plus camp followers: BoomBoom, Rosie’s pseudo twin, Bryan, the Trouble Teddy and Leah, the Bubbly Demonette. Please do not vote for them. They really are not interested in power, hegemony, world domination, exceptionalism, crapitalism, demockracy, ideological export games, paranoid doctrines, hysterical fairy-tales or feeble-minded market theories. They’ve only come along because some of their friends are running. Were they to run, however, they would guarantee cost-free, hassle-free, painless, efficient and durable MiGo Molecular Reshuffle to anybody who wanted it, thus ditching, once and for all, the vexed question of the NHS. Plus free ice cream, Smarties, teddy bears and fresh flowers, of course. Having said that, they’ve pledge themselves to work with whichever party wins the election, even if it’s the Shub-Niggurath (with whom the Shoggies have !history), in the areas of health, entertainment and culture & sport. The MiGo will look after the public health and the Shoggies have volunteered to run free for all educational workshops on subjects such as Disrespecting Authority, Guilt-Free Reasoning, Understanding the Paranoid Mind, etc. and organize equally free and accessible to all art events ranging from Bach recitals to short morality plays of their own devising such as The Defenestration of Ben Bernanke. Also training in groovy novel sports, like Banksters Tar & Feathering, Politicians Tossing, Facebook Sabotage (Beginners, Intermediate and Black Belt) and Monsanto CEOs Nipping.   Electoral motto: Let’s go to the pub instead, shall we?

CompassUpdate 05/04/15 Let’s have some more tiles, shall we. They’s good for the soul and they empty the overloaded mind like nobody’s business. This lot is slightly p’litical, look you.