London’s burning. Well, bits of it, anyway, worse luck. No comment. I started doing this latest pic on Saturday morning, a few hours before all hell broke loose in Totenham. Hey, don’t look at me! I only wanted to do something a little bit different and with “akward”doggies in it. Oh, well…. Update 18/08/11 In between storms, the Shoggies have a go at transcendental meditation, to still the ichors and prepare the mind for whatever may come next. The Wee Worms take the piss. Ommmmmm… Update 21/08/11 I got the final image for this one when my mate Attilio, who’s doing some work on good ol’ Edgar, quoted Roderick Usher’s final cry. You know, “Madman! I tell you…” and so on. The three Shoggoths in the first cellar are playing “Mus”, an old Spanish card game very popular in my yoof in village “casinos” -no relation to them thing in Vegas or Monte, I hasten to say, but haphazard, organically formed community centres, generally the local bar. No idea how is played. Update 23/11/09 Here, the very last chapter of the Shoggy Saga. And a wee thing for my mate Thomas-A-Hurley, who knows what a Mandelbrot Set is. Out of Place Update. 20/11/11. Here be a pair of twins. Not at all sure about them, but they fill a gap in this page. Salut!