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Update 25/08/08

I’ve just posted a mini-bio in the About… section and a few more creatures in the Rogues Gallery. And here is the companion to young Olufemi’s woes. And a confrontational puss. And a pig, for good measure. Por mucho pan, nunca mal año, say the Spaniards…

Wolfish Shenanigans

There’s a new link on the site. It’ll take you to Wolfpark, a wolf conservation project in Battleground, Indiana, USA. One of the tutelary entities of the place is a chap called Monty Sloan, a professional photographer who seems to spend most of his time taking pictures of the animals who live there. …when he’s not out howling with the wolves on “Howl Nights”. Some people have all the luck, that’s what I think.

Once a week or so, they let loose some of the wolves, so they can interact with the bison. Some interaction! The wolves run rings around the bison and they steal their apples to boot, the cheeky blighters. I suppose it’s all very good for the bison, who look too prosperous for words and I’m sure they can do with a bit extra exercise.

Anyway, Monty’s asked me to do something suitable for printing on a T-shirt and sent me a pic of a bison chasing Wotan, one of the wolves in one of the several packs that roam the park. So, here goes the b&w version of what has emerged so far.

Other interesting lupine links are Monty’s own sites. Have fun!



A Red Herring

This will end up in the Tarot section as 1) the said Red Herring and 2) the latest in Wild Cards. What a Spaniard would call “un enano infiltrado”. As a Tarot card, there case it can be used as many things, stuff from Heisenbergian uncertainty to the 8 of Swords on a really, capsule really bad day.

Welcome to the Gossip Column

Your Host & Tutelary Spirit of this Page

Your Host & Tutelary Spirit of this Page

Hello, welcome to my page devoted to gossip, rants, tittle-tattle and trivia (or not…). This here chubby guy is The Alien. He’ll be mostly in charge of this section. Anything you have to say/moan about the contents of this page, you take it up with him and his people will talk to my people. (NB. His people speak nothing but Middle Alien and my people are either dead or have migrated to healthier latitudes. Still, if you really must talk…)