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The Musrooms Lament aka Young Saurian. The Wild Mushrooms have come to lodge a complaint with the youngest of the Guardians of the Forest Primaeval: rains are late and poor, their habitat is being turned into golf courses, the art of non-destructive mushroom hunting is being lost, etc. The Crusty Emissary to the Powers of Official Nonsense is trying to divert the attention of the young caretaker with the usual warping tactics. Fortunately the young custodian is nobody’s fool.      Ah, this Russia hysteria… Will it ever end? It’s driving me up the sodding wall. Even El País is at it with a vengeance, now. Not that I expected El País to be any better than the fucking Guardian but at least it has a regular Forges cartoon. Oh well, Mehitabel rules. Always. She must. Meanwhile, here, have Forges’ latest:


Kindly translation for non-Spanish-speaking peasants:

-What’s for dinner?

Estelada croquettes.


-He…They’re still on offer.

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