The Enemy Within & Other Stories

Poor Manolito’s been having a hard time, lately. And from those who call themselves his mates, no less. Ah, friends…don’t you love them? Oh, well, have his take on things. And a few new cards. The one in colour is an Xtra, for my good Flick’r compadre, the groovy Patricio Villaroel.


Another Silly Season Just Around the Corner, Alas.

So, here’s my offering for this year. Grooviness to you all. 23/11/09. Plus two new cards. Correction. Four. Update 27/11/09. I don’t “do” Thanksgiving by any means, just as I don’t do Xmas, or Easter, or Walpurgisnacht, or Battle of Chacabuco Memorial Day, but the panto of  Barack Obama on telly being magnanimous to a fat bird was too good to miss as an excuse for yet another shaggy-poultry story.



My mate Kay, who is also into self-portraits -and very  good she is, too (check her out on Flick’r, under Kay-Harpa), kindly gave me permission to take liberties with her beautiful face. Here are the results. One with a Rousseau background and one with one on my favourite Rodchenkos. Cheers, Kay! Update. 26/07/09 And here’s my latest self-portrait. To keep Kay’s lovely face company.


It Never Rains. Part II

Somebody asked me recently what my pictures were about. I didn’t have the heart to disapoint them by telling them that they’re about nothing much other than my passion for animals. So I came out with this explanation, which, come to think of it, is as good as any other: They are illustrations for stories never written. And if anyone fancies writing the tales to go with the illustrations… well, go for it. And send me the finished stories! I do love a good yarn. Anyway, here’s some more foxy shenanigans.