Another Silly Season Just Around the Corner, Alas.

So, here’s my offering for this year. Grooviness to you all. 23/11/09. Plus two new cards. Correction. Four. Update 27/11/09. I don’t “do” Thanksgiving by any means, just as I don’t do Xmas, or Easter, or Walpurgisnacht, or Battle of Chacabuco Memorial Day, but the panto of  Barack Obama on telly being magnanimous to a fat bird was too good to miss as an excuse for yet another shaggy-poultry story.



My mate Kay, who is also into self-portraits -and very  good she is, too (check her out on Flick’r, under Kay-Harpa), kindly gave me permission to take liberties with her beautiful face. Here are the results. One with a Rousseau background and one with one on my favourite Rodchenkos. Cheers, Kay! Update. 26/07/09 And here’s my latest self-portrait. To keep Kay’s lovely face company.


It Never Rains. Part II

Somebody asked me recently what my pictures were about. I didn’t have the heart to disapoint them by telling them that they’re about nothing much other than my passion for animals. So I came out with this explanation, which, come to think of it, is as good as any other: They are illustrations for stories never written. And if anyone fancies writing the tales to go with the illustrations… well, go for it. And send me the finished stories! I do love a good yarn. Anyway, here’s some more foxy shenanigans.


Still ‘ere

I told you I wasn’t dead. Not quite, anyway. Say hello to Mrs. Platypus. We’ll be seeing more of her and her niños. (Or so says the Celestial Fox… But I wouln’t trust her much, if I were you.) Update 08/06/09. And say hello to the foxes, while you’re at it.