Family Ties

Families. Love them or leave them, but they’re hard to ignore, innit? That’s what both Wilbur Whateley and the ineffable Shub-Niggurath think at any rate. Here we see young Wilbur a-calling his kith & kin to partake of an evening repast, which may or may not include the odd Alderney cow. And behold! the Shub-Niggurath and some of her many-many-many-many offspring. She’s always desperate to get rid of as many of them as possible, for she has far too many, and she’s forever trying to find placements and/or internships for them, but they are all so badly behaved that they are generally packed back to her before long. Even those who found jobs as blasphemous flute players to the idiot Azathoth didn’t last long and that says all about the little darlings, for good old Az is not only an idiot god but also dumb and DEAF.  Here’s to them. Cheers, kids! Update 01/06/12 The newly-named Gorgonic-Lovecraftian Mining Co. continues to extract the ore. Here be the latest produce. The second one is for my friend Helene. Update 10/06/12 Here, have a couple of Sparts. Salut.

Obsession’s Good for You

Well, I like mine, anyways. I’ve been re-reading some HPL I hadn’t read in aeons and I find myself enjoying it as much as ever. Just finished The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, which has had the effect of materializing two new members of the Family. Here they be. Behold the ‘Orrid Toad-Like Moon-Creatures -who actually come from and live in the groovy Plateau of Leng, and two of the Shub-Niggurath many Thousand Young. These two have been sent to Leng to perfect their Hideously Blasphemous Flute technique, purportedly under the tutelage and instruction of the said Moon-Creeps. Unfortunately the Moon Toadies have a tendency to spend nearly all of their time bitching and picking fights amongst themselves, and when they’re not doing this, they spend hours boasting to one another about fights they’ve picked with some other creatures/beings/entities/whathaveyous. So the young Shub-Niggureths are not learning shit or perfecting nada de nada. But they are having a wonderful time hunting stray dreamers and hanging them to dry from the upper railings of the Yuff Hostel where they’re stopping. Isn’t the Great Void simply the place to be? Update 16/04/12 The Shoggoths were restless, last night… So they decided to put on one of their delightful historical tableaux vivants for everybody’s benefit and instruction. Recently we have been reading Fernando García de Cortázar’s Los mitos de la historia de España. The rubbery darlings were much moved by and taken with the periodically recurring bouts of expulsions from the territories of peoples, groups and individuals that this or that government didn’t like. They chose the exile of  the Jesuits because nobody ever seems to remember them and because they (the Js) seemed to be unrepentant smokers. Nothing if not deep, my Shoggies… Update 17/05/12 Ah bliss! I live again..again. My 15-months old computer conked out for the second time since I bought it. I was computerless for nearly 4 weeks and I nearly went mad. To distract myself from this incipient derangement  I rehabilitated my older machine, who, like the Great Cthulhu, was not dead but merely sleeping in the cellar. And now I have two beasties! Never again will I be left machineless, I swear on the Shoggoths pseudopods. Anyways, here be the latest batch of Lovecraftian loony tunes -this time all devoted to the adorable Mi-Go, plus a Particle Bonus.The Mi-Go series is called The Vermont Triptyc, or Three Vermont Moons. The first one pertains to the (all too brief) adolescent life of the Mi-Go. Like adolescents all over the galaxies, they become quite unruly and prone to mischief,  but they also look truly pretty, with their prawn bodies and butterfly wings. They frequently escape vigilance and off they go  a-fluttering and a-gamboling in the moonligth, scaring the living shits out of the locals -both gentry and peasants alike. The second sheds some light on the allegedly malevolent activities on the crustifungoid darlings and their relations with the natives. The Mi-Go were only trying to help and bring some cheer into the natives’ drab, wretched lives. Ah, uncomprehendid sods! They’ll never know what they missed. (The natives, that is.) The third goes some way into explaining these “unexplained vanishings” of some of the aforementioned locals who “got too close” to the Mi-Go. The fact is that the “disappeared” were mostly farmer’s wives. Having been totally sold to the (extra-curricular) improvement plan proposed by our enterprising Zippy, once they returned from Yuggoth, they squarely refused to go back to their drudgy lives,  crummy old husbands and sullen inbread children, and took up instead with some handsome humanoid alien they met at some social on Yuggoth, or they became particle scientists and landed wonderfully exciting and well paid jobs at CERN. Next post: A Dunwich Tea Party. Stay groovy.

Rejoice! Rejoice…?

13/02/12 Here be my Anti-Valentine for 2012. Also my very own antidote to all the Jubilee Jingoism crap and kitsch wot lay in wait. Ah...the horror...the horror... Still, as you can see the Shoggies and all the other Beasties have embraced Republicanism wholeheartedly, bless their woolen socks and webbed feet. Happy Republique Universelle Day, folks! Update 25/02/12 I have done something I'd never thought I'd be capable of doing. I've been to see an acupuncturist!  Which took some doing, because I'm highly needlephobic. But the pain was driving me bonkers and I was beginning to be unable to do fuck all. So I grabbed the torito by the cuernos, swallowed my phobia and off I went. And would you believe it? It was a doddle! I didn't even feel the needles going in. And now I feel massively proud of myself for being so brave (Ha!) and my back sings praises to my courage and my acupuncturist's skill. The pain is by no means gone, but instead of screaming like a banshee from dawn to dusk now seems quite content to mutter dark mutterings all day long and grumble things like "I'm still here..." Me, I can't wait for the next sesssion. Meanwhile, the Rubbery Darlings insisted I try their version of that ancient therapy. For free, gratis and in the comfort of my own home. Oh dear. I'm such a fool....Update 28/02/12 Meet the Deep Ones. It was high time I devoted some energy to them, don't you agree? The Mythos graphic family groweth. Wheeeee! I attach also a link to the best double spoof I've come across in years. After all it was this wot triggered the desire to produce some Deep Ones. H.P. Lovecraft buffs ... enjoy!

Update.07/03/12 The series Secrets & Lives lives! Here be proof. Also, here be new creechas. Met the Prairie Doggies. I've been working on this one for a bit; and I still like to send it to Liz Bonnin, who inspired it. Update 11/03/12 We had visitors, recently. The divine PaulDirac O'Higgins-Stein, his minder, the Snake from Special Circumstances, and his pals Miska and Alexia. The idea was to have a picnic in the garden but as it pissed down all bloody day, we decided to have an indoor gaudeamus. Which in the case of Norman and Alexia wasn't quite so gaudy, as thy decided to tackle Manuel Azaña's Memoirs and thus ended up weeping like professional mourners at a very well paid funeral. They should have stuck to some good ol' don Arturín, like the rest of us. (See, even Cassius' portrait was seized by the PerezRevertian atmosphere and promptly developed the canonical costume.) Or, like the ever wise Primus, meditae on a favourite theme -in his case, Smarties. PS. Ethel the 'Edge'Og has temporarily fallen out with the Cat, so she refused to come in and spent the rest of the afternoon glowering at all & sundry thru' the window. Everybody found very easy to ignore her except sweet, kind PaulD, who's a major league softie -that's why he always travels under the protection of Special Circs., of course. Update 14/03/12 The Shoggies have taken up Spanish poetry, lately, and I'm delighted, that goes without saying. They go around the living room reciting the most gorgeous "romances" and exquisite bits of the Eglogas of Garcilaso de la Vega, in their funny, gurgly-bubbly voices. Groovyness is ours. They also kindly volunteered to enact one of my old-time favourites. Here be proof.

An Irritatingly Interesting Year

15/12/11 Two weeks only to the end of this year, thank Bumba. And a mere twelve months only to the end of next one. I can’t wait to see the back of 2012, with its impending horrors. Like the flapping (a more accurate adjective than “flipping”) Olympic games just down the road from where I live, and the Jubilee hysteria all over the country, to mention but two. Stil, I’m not going to go into one, right now. 2011 has been a year of mixed…whatevers. I daren’t speak of blessings, see. The Shoggoths are thriving and may soon have their own book, if I get my shit together, finally. The other Animals are doing well, too. The Wee Worms have sprouted a variety, or a mutation: The Very Slightly Evolved Semi-Podded Kin. You can see two of them in the picture. The pic itself is called The Ambassadors II because I’m still working on The Ambassadors I, a wee tribute to that darling hardy perennnial of mine, Iain M. Banks. Me…I’m OK now. I had a Big Health Scare but it seems to be over, for the time being. Ought to teach me not to get so fucking complacent. In theory. Update 01/01/12 Happy New Year, then, in spite of the bad omens. And (por mucho pan nunca mal año…) a genuine pic of the state of my living room “the morning after” the party. Still standing: (on a stool) Rosie, shocked at the state of the Celestial sardine and trying to protect the little Squid, who’s obviously been corrupted by Emiliano’s antics, Spot of the Anctartic -always the totally cool dude, his Worm pal (just about) and, technically, Emiliano. Not for long, I think… (giggle). Update 01/02/12 It’s nice to see I’m still alive, if a tad catatonic. The doodles trickle still and that’s good. For me anyways. Here are the two latest. The b&w one is for several Spanish poets who have, somehow, helped in these crappy Latter Days. The garish one of for Arturo Perez-Reverte, whose short weekly articles/rants for a Spanish weekend paper I’ve recently “discovered”. The plot is, in a nutshell: The central heating breaks down in the middle of winter. Next thing he knows is that his living room is full of..Penguins!!! Yes, that’s why I like the guy. At his age, he’s still capable of infiltrating this kind of sillyness in otherwise perfectly serious diatribes. Bless his angry socks… Late Update. 13/02/12 A few weeks ago the best bar (Bar Prize) in the best barrio (St. Antoni) in the best city (Barcelona) in the best country in th world (Spain) (according to its owner Xavi -the best man in the universe accoding to me), turned 20. Under Xavi’s peerless, inefable hand, that is. Here’s my tribute to him and his work/baby. Happy birthday darling Prize.

Passions, Obsessions & Paying One’s Debts

This one is so special that I’m starting a new post. Took me ages; I agonized over it like it (agonazing, that is) was going out of fashion; my back hasn’t forgiven me yet; I still have doubts that the perspective and the light could have been so much better; etc. But never mind. Another artistic/intellectual/spi’tual/sensory-sensual/whatnot debt is paid, no matter how poorly. Don Diego & Don Francisco’s ghosts have just sent me a message from beyond the SubAtomic Particles Field Forever telling me they do forgive me, bless their brushes. Update 20/11/11 Here go the latest. Not sure why I still have qualms about the Self-Portrait, but I do. (It has lotsa meaning for me, though.) Still, here it is. As for the Flamenco ‘Edge’Ogs, I have the inefable MimiLoveForever to thank for. She provided the original image that lead to this ‘ere “parida”. NB. The ‘edge’ogs are second-generation Sevillians from Staffordshire. They wer a raging success in Seville some weeks ago. It’s a story “de ida y vuelta”, innit. Update 03/12/11 The revisiting & recycling of ancient stuff continues. Our Lady Pacifier of Bitching Felines is a bit o a child of the self-portrait, because I like th cats so much. The Hybrid Witch is for Ada. She’ll know why. Stay tough, girl. Update 04/12/11. More recycled revivals. Long live archeology!

London InFlamed

London’s burning. Well, bits of it, anyway, worse luck. No comment. I started doing this latest pic on Saturday morning, a few hours before all hell broke loose in Totenham. Hey, don’t look at me! I only wanted to do something a little bit different and with “akward”doggies in it. Oh, well…. Update 18/08/11 In between storms, the Shoggies have a go at transcendental meditation, to still the ichors and prepare the mind for whatever may come next. The Wee Worms take the piss. Ommmmmm… Update 21/08/11 I got the final image for this one when my mate Attilio, who’s doing some work on good ol’ Edgar, quoted Roderick Usher’s final cry. You know, “Madman! I tell you…” and so on. The three Shoggoths in the first cellar are playing “Mus”, an old Spanish card game very popular in my yoof in village “casinos” -no relation to them thing in Vegas or Monte, I hasten to say, but haphazard, organically formed community centres, generally the local bar. No idea how is played. Update 23/11/09 Here, the very last chapter of the Shoggy Saga. And a wee thing for my mate Thomas-A-Hurley, who knows what a Mandelbrot Set is. Out of Place Update. 20/11/11. Here be a pair of twins. Not at all sure about them, but they fill a gap in this page. Salut!


Turf Wars

They rage in my heart; occassionally around the periphery of my brain. Almost from day one the trip to Barcelona morphed into a nightmare of physical pain (curtesy of leftover shingles wot in turn ratchted the ME to previously unknown heights); frustration -at being pretty much unable to move, let alone ramble around a city made for rambling; ensuing excruciating boredom; and -possibly misplaced- resentment (let’s not get into that one). It’s over now. I’m back in my territory and this always brings a certain peace. Now all I have to contend with are the usual clashing felings of my love for my scruffy darling habitat (my freedom and my prison rolled into one),  and my visceral longing for the smells and the sounds and the lights of the Mediterranean. Not to mention  Spanish food…oyvay! So here’s a small dream. For me, for La bella Aurora, for my darling Xavi. For all nomads, perhaps. Update 18.07.11 I feel like I’m grinding to a halt. In other words I feel like shit all the time. Still, a trickle ..well, trickles. Shold be grateful for small mercies, innit? There. This one is yet another extra chapter. To be inserted between Bonding With Worms and Dangerous Liaisons. Update 01/08/11. Here be the latest. I’d like to start a new series: Pious Platitudes, Where To Stuff Them. This one is a particularly galling one. Having said that… there are indeed people who don’t know how fucking lucky/gifted they are. Not my Shoggoths, though… Plus: It never rains. Update 02/08/11 This is for the adorable “Mimi”, who’s having a totally crappy time. Life’s stinks. Misplaced Update. 23/09/11 I’m so not sure about this one that I’ve decided to put it here, just to fill a gap. ‘Nuff said.

Bats in the Belfry

Or, better still, Shoggoths in the Library. The library in question being that of the Yithians. Credit where credit is due, in its heyday it was simply the best and the vastest of all knowledge depots this side of the asteroid belt. What with the Yithians being such information fanatics, and the time-travel facilities and all. Their mistake was using the Shoggoths as a sort of cheap cleaning squad. And the Old Ones’ BIG mistake was forgetting the advice given them by Yog-Sothoth when handing the rubbery darlings over to them: Never let the creatures anywhere near a book. There, complacency will always find you quicker than your sins. Ha! PS. In case you’re wondering why there are no mops and buckets in the picture, that is because the Shoggies have eaten them. Update 25/02/11 One of these days I will have to tidy this saga up and upload the chapters in the right order. Meanwhile, have a shufti at what the poor ol’ Shoggies were made to build by the Old Ones. Chronicler’s Note. For those of you who think that the building in question, the infamous Sagrada Familia, was Gaudí’s own idea, think again. It was an Old One design inspired by Great Cthulhu himself; conceived and designed as a pompous panegyric to their cleverness and might. (Double Ha!) The notion filtered through the endless eons into Don Antoni’s slightly deranged mind by way of one of those curious psychic singularities we know to exist in the cosmos but that nobody actually understands how they work. Gaudí was convinced that the idea was his own, inspired by god, poor man, when in fact it was an archaic hallucination.  I put it all down to an incorrect diet and too much religious fervour. And the fact that the bloody thing has been recently sanctioned by the Vatican only confirms it as a thoroughly evil contraption. Bumba have mercy… Massive update 26/03/11 The saga is now finished and can be seen in its own page and in its full “poetic glory (see Home page – A Brief History of Shoggoths button). Here goes the introduction to it. Update 16/04/11 There, the latest in the “Happier Times” series. Brief Update 09/06/11 No time & no energy & no brains. Spain sucked the very life out of me. So, have a couple of new things. I consider myself lucky that I’m not totally dead yet, as proven by the fact that I can still doodle. Bumba is merciful.

Shoggy Saga

Practically writing itself. Must be the beneficial influences of the wee rubbery darlings. Here is Chapter III, as promised. And one of the many Interludes to come. They happened when the Shoggoths were on “loan” to the Yithians. The Yithians were devoted -and ruthless- time travellers and sometimes they took some of the Shoggoths along with them for menial tasks/spying purposes. Once they, the Shoogies, were tasked with shadowing Karl Marx in his Dean St. days. The Shoggies used to steal Karl’s fags and play harmless pranks on him. They stole his fags to mitigate their own stress and alienation, and the pranks were very innocent and good-natured, for they became very fond of both him and Jenny and all her dead babies. Update 03/02/11 A wee break from the serious stuff, I think. Also a way to distract my heart from the tensions in North Africa. Bumba be with us… Update 06/02/11 There, chapter four. Update 20/02/11 ‘Been computerless for nearly a week. It was horrible..horrible… But all is better now because I’ve got it back from the vet. And this here is to prove that I did NOT go bonkers in its absence. (Ha…!)

Another Year

But, alas, same place. Still, let us make the best of whatever 2011 throws at us, shall we? Happy New Year folks. Update 06/01/11 before I plunge into death, destruction, chaos, mayhem and howling dogs of war, I thought I’d fortify myself with images of happier days in the future of Shoggoth history. Voila. Sit down, relax, have a cuppa. Listen to Rosie’s  astute critical analysis of the Shub-Niggurath’s personality. Tee hee… Update 20/01/11 The war scenes are coming along nicely -if nicely is the right word for the depiction of blood, grief and wanton destruction. But they are difficult, laborious scenes, so I take frequent breaks from them to remember when things where bad for the Shoggoths but not quite as bad as they  became. Chapter II is for those prats who preach that humiliation is good for the soul. May they rot in some self-inflicted hell. Update 21/01/11 There. The worse of the story is done & dusted. I’ve spent quite a bit on this one, but I’m rather happy with it. I’ve waited 4 decades to do my own take on the Odessa Steps. I feel much better, now, thank you. Update 26/01/11 The Shoggy Shaggy saga continues..totally discontinuous. Have Chapter IX. Next: Coming next: Chapter III