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‘Been really crummy and unable to do all that much. So, I’ve decided to fall in love with two admirable blokes. The chaps in question are Norman Finkelstein and Paul Dirac. Since my passion will be unrequited in either case (as Stormy Normy doesn’t know me from Adam and Paul Dirac is very dead, alas!), the emotional expense is minimal and the risk nil. The pic is for Paul and for me mate Thomas, who will understand & appreciate the joke. Anti-Valentine Update 13/02/09. As it says on the tin: An antidote to crappy, mawkish valentines, really. Love & Bullets 4 All! Update 06/03/09. I’ve decided to rehabilitate crappy movies by doing wreally wrong and wromantic versions of them. Here’s the first one. David Lean, eat your heart out!

She’s Alive, They Tell Me.

Contrary to all appearances, I am quite alive, if not well. The “unwellness” didn’t stop me from having yet another go at my latest favourite subject. You can’t keep a good Shoggoth down! Solstice Update:21/12/08. …or a good Alien, for that matter. This one is for the shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist. Now, that’s what I call free expression, what!  Do try it yourselves here: http://play.sockandawe.com/ Update 29/12/08: Poor 2008’s nearly over and I’m still on the rat track. What can I say in my own defense?

Promises, promises…

…fulfilled. I said I’d post some aardvarks. Here go two of them. The little one is based on a plastic aardvark I found during one of those random browsing sessions I indulge in now & then. It was too cute not to adopt, take home, call George and do digital things to it. I’ve also included another Shoggoth , just for the Hell of it. One can’t never have too many Shoggoths (= minions of the Great Cthulhu).

More Seasonal Stuff, News & Gossip

1. The admirable Ms. Bertini has expressed a great liking for my animals. This post is dedicated to her. Is a creation “miff”, capsule so is  kind of in-season.

2. The Alien has finally been given a name: Manolito. This is a very obscure reference and will be understood only by fans of Accidentis Polipoetic, an even more obscure but absolutely brilliant Spanish performing duo.

3. I shall be posting some aardvarks very soon.

Update 28/10/08

Life is getting tidier again. Site too, with one new proper page and a restored, or rather, rescued one. The new one is Wilfred & The Shell-Shocked, a poetry+ corner. The salvage expedition restoreth the literary page, now called Fireside Yarns . We’ll get there yet.

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