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It Never Rains. Part II

Somebody asked me recently what my pictures were about. I didn’t have the heart to disapoint them by telling them that they’re about nothing much other than my passion for animals. So I came out with this explanation, which, come to think of it, is as good as any other: They are illustrations for stories never written. And if anyone fancies writing the tales to go with the illustrations… well, go for it. And send me the finished stories! I do love a good yarn. Anyway, here’s some more foxy shenanigans.


Still ‘ere

I told you I wasn’t dead. Not quite, anyway. Say hello to Mrs. Platypus. We’ll be seeing more of her and her niños. (Or so says the Celestial Fox… But I wouln’t trust her much, if I were you.) Update 08/06/09. And say hello to the foxes, while you’re at it.



After the Agony, the Extasis. Here’s the semi-final version of The Sound Of Music. There may be changes


Won’t You Take Me To The Movies?

The Rehab Lab With Platypuses Saga continues. This one should piss off all the right people. But Norman would like it, I’m sure. Coming soon: The Railway Children. 10/03/09 And here it is, as promised. 14/03/09 And today is…nuns! Have a pre-peek at the shape of things to come.


Some very nice folks have asked me to post these two home-made adbusters. Here they are! And my compadrito, diagnosis Don Attilio wanted duck-billed platypuses. Voila! Buen provecho!

Work For Idle Hands, My Funny Valentine & Rehab Lab

‘Been really crummy and unable to do all that much. So, I’ve decided to fall in love with two admirable blokes. The chaps in question are Norman Finkelstein and Paul Dirac. Since my passion will be unrequited in either case (as Stormy Normy doesn’t know me from Adam and Paul Dirac is very dead, alas!), the emotional expense is minimal and the risk nil. The pic is for Paul and for me mate Thomas, who will understand & appreciate the joke. Anti-Valentine Update 13/02/09. As it says on the tin: An antidote to crappy, mawkish valentines, really. Love & Bullets 4 All! Update 06/03/09. I’ve decided to rehabilitate crappy movies by doing wreally wrong and wromantic versions of them. Here’s the first one. David Lean, eat your heart out!