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Mazed Monster. Voilà! Another handy All-Purpose Gripe Indicator. You’re welcome.
Here are some of my favourites from this past ten days or so:

  1. Trump’s new, improved infallible remedy for COVID-19. Next it’ll be bleach, I daresay.
  2. Tony Blair urging the herd to give up more (and more?) of their progressively dwindling civil liberties for a bit of safety … which no one intends to deliver. After all a) you don’t tell the frogs that you mean to drain the pond and b) the only reason you keep your cattle “safe” is to better slaughter them when the time comes.
  3. The presence of don Dominico in that pantomime advisory committee of “scientists”

Have a lovely week.
And un po’ di mu’ (of sorts), of course:

Waves & Tides

Evolution6. Waiting for the Second Coming, or wave, or whatnot, have some rather vain microscopic organisms. NB. The pangolins are pure GMCA (Graphically Modified ClipArt)