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Extraordinary Creatures

Tardigrades Tittle-Tattle. I’ve been meaning to do something on these delightful ultimate survivors for a long time. Hitch scratched: here they are. As you can see this lot are philosophically inclined. At least the orangey one is. The green one is more the let’s-get-on-with-it type, bless it.

Further Travels in Hypereality

Another Golem. Yes, have another Golem. They’s good for you. This one and his small companion, who feels he’s becoming more insubstantial by the minute, seem to have lost their bearings, poor things, as we all do from time to time. But they have not lost heart, I think. We hope it’s only a temporary state and we wish them a safe & speedy return to the clear path. Rosa watches over them.
Totally unrelated, I dedicate this to the passing of Dr. John, the Night Tripper. Chika chika forever to you too, mate! Have a safe …trip.