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Dangerous Clowns

TwoIdiotsSTwo Idiots. Question: Why is it that the moment anybody starts bandying about the words “freedom” and/or “self-determination” people’s brains seem to turn to mush and collapse into a little heap of uncritical, indiscriminating, romantic, often paranoid sentimentality? Let’s face it, Rajoy IS one of the ghastliest of all vicious, incompetent cretins you’ll ever see, no question, but anyone who thinks that Puigdemont is any better is living in cloud cuckoo land. Nor is the Independentista movement a popular, let alone a progressive, for-and-by-the-people one. It’s a mendacious mental wank dreamed up by a bunch of xenophobic, deluded, utterly corrupt middle-class right-wing prats who have been manipulating the lowest common denominator subliminal layer of feelings of the naive, the feeble-minded and the ill-informed for the longest time. And who now, their backs against the wall and facing a very real possibility of an enquiry into their staggering financial shenanigans (from Jordi Pujol, his sons, his missus, Marta Ferrusola, his heir apparent “King”Artur Mas, all the way down to the current [mis]administration), in a desperate bid to create a diversion, got rolling this gruesome ball that has bloated out of control and into the chaos this hapless region is now living. Oy vey! I say. (By the way, 90%… my Auntie Nelly and her elderly cat!) Have a nice future my erstwhile motherland. You shouldn’t have been caught napping. You should have remembered what Goya put into an unforgettable image: The sleep of reason begets monsters. (El sueño de la razón produce monstruos.) Bon profit, nens…

PuigdémonUpdate 24/10/17 No quieres caldo… Yesterday’s cartoon has been received with mostly stony silence. Obviously it has grated on the mushy-brained. Never mind. We keep 1) Stubbornly stuck to our guns and 2) Toujours gai! Toujours gai!. Ale op.


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Name: Dolores

6 thoughts on “Dangerous Clowns

  • Not my silence, Babes: totally agree with you!

  • …and very good text and clever analysis toghether with the visual works (Don Francisco would be proud of you, I dare to say!)

  • Dolores Post author

    Thanks for the support, toots! 😉

  • Dolores Post author

    Thanks again, flower face. I’ve got some stick over this, mostly in the form of “fans” who have totally stopped talking to me/commenting. Just like in real life, innit! 🙂

  • Yes, indeed, very marvellous text and posters, although I do not know all the shenanigans.

  • Dolores Post author

    Thank you Leon. So nice 1) to see you here in my “home” and 2) the support and appreciation. These posters have met with quite a lot of stick (in the form of stony silence) on the two sites I upload my stuff. As to the shenanigans…I think either one knows a lot or one should ignore them and know nothing 🙂 I’ve nothing against independentism in itself but I also see that the vast majority of them, both in Europe and elsewhere, are of the rabid right-wing, xenophobic/racist, “let’s go back to the (imaginary) past”, blind, emotional, irrational, delusional, manipulative nationalism that gave us Brexit. The Catalan “soberanistes” are of that ilk. A bunch of corrupt fascist, that’s what they are. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr……!! I you know Spanish I can recommend El Pais online, if you want to get some of the sordid details. And when finally manage to meet you face to face, you can tell me all about your own lot, of whom I know practically nothing. Stay groovy, kids!

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